The Superior Court of CA – County of San Joaquin has partnered with nCourt for the payment processing of all eFiling payments.  nCourt provides the following benefits:

  • Pay online and by mobile device 24/7/365
  • All major debit or credit cards accepted
  • Optional ACH payment
  • Bilingual, US-based call center
  • 800 number for users to call
  • Customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for user inquiries
  • Level 1 PCI Compliance (highest security level in the industry)

The cost of nCourt is a 5% convenience fee.  As an example, if the total filing cost for a case is $195.00, the payment processing fee will be $9.75.  The total cost will be $204.75.  The fee will be displayed separately on the invoice for transparency.

The Court does not participate directly with the users in the payment processing.

  • Court will send to nCourt the payment record of the case.
  • nCourt will send back the URL payment link to the Court where it will be populated onto the user portal. The Court will also send out a notification via an email containing the payment URL.
  • Users will browse to the URL to make payment.
  • nCourt will provide the invoice to the users.
  • nCourt will send to the Court confirmation of payment by the user for the case.